Not Ordinary

Now more than ever seemed like an appropriate time to post this song, Not Ordinary. We keep hearing over and over that these are Unprecedented times. Its scary stuff, if you believe in the virus or not (there are those that feel its just a flu or that its entirely political), the times are changing due to the social effects of whats been going on. Like it or not, believe it or not, social change is happening and not only that, times are hard for people. Especially family's that typically live paycheck to paycheck and are now without employment for an undefined amount of time. Those who are blessed to be able to work from home are grateful, while those families who do not have this luxury are truly facing what is possible a worst case scenario. This song has a simple message:

Please stay safe, and do what you can to help people in this time.

I cant help but wonder what the world will look like after this. Will it forever change the world as we know it like 911 did? And how will these changes manifest themselves in social structures in the decades to come?

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